Super Sound

  • The new hind pattern Super Sound has been developed to compliment the front shoe.
  • With left and right pattern hind shoes that just drop on saving time. A wider outside heel gives good cover and support to the foot.
  • The first three nail holes on the outside branch also have extra pitch. This makes nailing easier and results in stronger and tighter clenches.
  • The hind shoe has a slight bevel in the toe, with a strong Radius clip, important on hind shoes to stop them from spreading.
  • The inside branch and heel are nicely bevelled to reduce brushing with the opposite limb.
  • The foot surface has the standard Super Sound features, sole relief and grip pattern with Smart finish.
  • This helps to keep the shoe in position while the heels are left smooth and shiny to allow heel expansion.
  • Super Sound plates are quick and easy to fit. Farriers notice that after fitting Super Sound plates the hooves become stronger and healthier